GR – Genie Regulator



An Analytically Correct™ single stage pressure regulator specifically designed for gas sampling applications!


The Model GR™ Genie® Pressure Regulator is a single stage pressure regulator designed specifically for use in gas analyzer sample conditioning systems. Its stainless steel housing contains a piston style sensing element, increasing reliability and eliminating the chance for diaphragm rupture. Additionally, the low internal volume and unique interior design allow it to purge quickly.


It is important to note that some applications will require additional heat to be applied before pressure regulation, and possibly multiple stages of pressure reduction. For assistance in determining heating and pressure regulation requirements, please contact A+ Corporation or your local A+ distributor.


Note: A retrofit heater upgrade kit is available for the GR if it is determined that heat needs to applied to a standard GR regulator after it has been installed in the field. If you know that your application needs heat when your order is placed, then you should order the Model GHR.




  • No chance of diaphragm rupture
  • Easy to mount in small enclosures or tightly spaced cabinets
  • Economical


  • Small, compact stainless steel housing
  • Piston style sensing element
  • CRN approved
  • Heater upgrade retrofit kit available