The ATLAS Mono Gen 2 Mono is a progression from our Gen 1 Mono system, which has been designed alongside industry specialists who work with the system on site, making it the most cost effective and installer friendly chamber system on the market.


The chamber is constructed from mild steel plate with predefined pipe entry and exit positions, giving the installer a range of potential site layout options. Our new generation chamber system is welded directly to the fuel storage tank during manufacture and is coated with the same endoprene protective finish as the tank. This makes the Gen 2 an extension of the tank, and completely eliminates the large potential leak path associated with bolting chambers to upstands. It also means that it benefits from the same 30 year constructional warranty as the tank, which is completely unique as far as chamber systems go.

Integrated corbel

All the labour-intensive processes associated with the previous version have been removed and replaced with a simpler quicker installation system. The previously two part chamber / corbel has been replaced with a single steel corbel system which is fully integrated into the chamber. Once again, this removes one of the larger potential leak paths associated with corbel systems, which are traditionally bolted or chemically bonded together. Having this integrated corbel system removes hours of work on site and substantially increases the success rate for a chamber vacuum test.

Pipe boot entry system

The pipe entry boot system has also been redesigned to offer a simple two boot system. The larger boot offers stepped positions for a pipe range of 125-110-90mm and the smaller boot sizes of 75-63-50mm. The boots can be either cut to the appropriate pipe size or alternatively they can be left as “blank” to then act as sealing caps for the pipe entry positions.

Vacuum testing

Tank manufacturers, Wefco Gainsborough, have been involved in the design of the Gen 2 Mono from the beginning and as part of their install process, Wefco’s team vacuum test the Gen 2 chamber. This inclusive service ensures a watertight leak free chamber. Berrys team them offer a second on site vacuum test once all works such as pipe install, electrical and gauge works have been completed. This gives the client peace of mind that they are getting a genuine liquid and vapour tight chamber system.

ATLAS Mono Gen 2 benefits:

  • Fully welded system which arrives on site welded to the tank
  • Fully integrated corbel system eliminating any need to seal
  • Precision machined angle check valves
  • Modular fittings
  • Stainless steel components compatible with all known fuel types
  • Easy to change layout
  • Largest amount of suctions on any tank lid in the market
  • Modular offset fill unit
  • Integrated drop tube locking ring system
  • Epoxy coated with the storage tank thereby benefitting from the same life expectancy as the tank
  • 30 year constructional warranty
  • Significantly reduced leak paths compared to competitor products
  • Vacuum testable
  • Installer and user friendly
  • Corrosion resistant componentry
  • Plug-and-play design to link seamlessly in with the Berrys’ range of ATLAS products
  • Bespoke electrical entry positions, allowing swift, quick easy install for electrical contractor
  • Can save as much as 5 working days on installation against some competitor products
  • Can be retrofitted to existing sites

ATLAS Mono Gen 2 – Suction Or Pressure

Suction Systems

Traditional suction systems are used by many oil companies and petrol retailers. ATLAS Mono Gen 2 can provide up to six suction lines per tank lid, including Vent and Stage 2. Whatever the decision, suction or pressure, Atlas Mono Gen 2 products are proven to offer tried and trusted systems!

Pressure Systems

The industry’s move into the submersible pumping of fuel has been a long time in maturing. The advent of sites requiring pressurised fuel delivery systems instead of the traditional suction method was historically necessary on large sites such as motorway service areas and supermarkets, with pumps and tanks being too far apart for suction systems to operate, as against today’s modern concept, being the reduced noise pollution and the implied greener alternative in regards to energy savings.

FE Petro and Red Jacket systems are world leaders in this technology and it was to Berrys that these two companies came to handle their products, knowing that their expertise and contacts would deliver orders. Design changes to the Atlas Mono Gen 2 products were incorporated to take into consideration a 2 sub pump tank lid layout that still offered exceptional working space in the chamber, thus creating a safer working environment.


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ATLAS Mono Legacy

ATLAS MONO has been developed from the original Atlas (Advanced Tank Lid Assembly) that Berrys introduced in 2001.
Connections and fittings are accessible from inside and ATLAS MONO utilises the Berrys’ designed electrical/gauge entry unit which completely eliminates the ingress of water.
The larger chamber can accommodate a 2 pump (submersible) tank lid layout and still provide exceptional working space making access easier and safer.
ATLAS MONO is available for factory fitting as original equipment when it is welded to the tank and is, with the tank, coated with a high grade Endoprene industry standard finish.
ATLAS MONO RETRO is for fitting on site to existing installations and incorporates a fully testable retrofit plate.