ADR/EN 500 mm Bolted Manhole – Layout 8558 with Model PAF 7545 PRV


Model PPVL8558 incorporates a bolted Ø500mm (Ø195/8”) manhole with a Ø254mm (Ø10”) PAF 7545 pressure relief valve (PRV) and a 6866AL normal vent.

Regulation Requirements
The manhole assembly conforms to ADR 2009, EN13314:2002, EN13317:2002, EN14595:2005, EN14596:2005, SANS 1518:2008 and AS2809.2-2008 drop test requirements.

Manhole Specification
The manhole has an industry standard 24-hole bolt pattern sized for M8 bolts.  The cover has provisions for a threaded style vapor recovery vent, overfill protection sensor and dip tube.  The cover has a minimum 12% elongation.

Emergency Venting
The emergency pressure relief valve opens to relieve excess pressure within the tank compartment and closes when the excess pressure has been relieved.  See technical specification chart below for cracking pressure and flow capacities.  The pressure relief valve also serves as a quick open inspection hatch that incorporates a secondary safety catch that enables internal pressure to escape prior to the latch being fully released.

Normal Venting
PPVL models come standard with a 6866AL pressure/vacuum vent (normal vent).  The unique design of the p/v vent incorporates rollover protection to help retain product at any tank orientation.