The Betts heavy-duty mounting pad is designed to ensure a flat, robust mounting surface for any style of valve and is highly recommended for use with all Betts Hydraulic Valves.  The bolt pattern is a standard 4” sump in accordance with TTMA recommended practice and is offered with removable studs in several lengths. The seat flange has a phonographic finish to ensure leak-free sealing with all gasket materials.  The heavy cross section resists warping and the tapered interior surface acts as a nozzle which offers optimal flow characteristics.  The fully machined interior surface facilitates complete drainage and ease of cleaning.  The stainless mounting pad is passivated per ASTM A380 to ensure premium corrosion resistance.

Mill Test Reports for ASME code work are available only for stainless mounting pads.

Studs conform to SA193 B8M Class 1, type 316 stainless.