BTU1500 “All-In-One” Combustion Gas Analyzer

All In One Flue Gas Combustion Analyzer for HVAC Residential & Commercial Boiler & Furnace Installation & Maintenance


  • Combustion Analyzer for O2, CO, CO2 (Calculates Combustion Efficiency, Excess Air, Losses, CO Air Free)
  • Ambient Room Air Carbon Monoxide (CO) Leak Detector
  • Draft Meter (Negative & Positive Draft)
  • Cracked Heat Exchanger Test Included
  • Built–In Differential Digital Pressure Manometer
  • Built–in Differential Thermometer




  • APP for iOS & Android Smart Phones & Tablets
  • AUTOMATIC Direct Outdoor Air Temperature Measurement for ALL HIGH-EFFICIENCY & CONDENSING Boilers, Water Heaters, Furnaces, etc.
  • Built–In Printer (NON–Fading)
  • Full COLOR GRAPHIC Display Screen with ZOOM Function & Backlight
  • Automatic Data Saving
  • 2000 Internal Test Memory Spots
  • High Range CO Sensor (0–8000 ppm) with Integrated NOx Filter
  • PC Software Package with USB & Bluetooth Communications Included
  • High Range CO Sensor for Over–Range Protection
  • Quick & Easy Intuitive Menu with One–Page Quick reference Guide
  • Flue & Ambient Temperature
  • Outdoor Air Temp Measurement (High Efficiency & Condensing Boilers)
  • Unbreakable Metal Connections
  • “Plug–n–Play” Pre–Calibrated Field Replaceable Sensors
  • External Water Trap for Easy Condensate Removal
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack with AC Charger
  • Unbreakable Metal Hose Connectors
  • 32 Programmed Fuels & Oils (Including Bio–Fuel)
  • Zoom Feature
  • User Customized Display Screen & Print–Out Content
  • ONE Button Operation
  • Customizable Printouts
  • 12″ Probe Included with 10′ Dual Hose for Gas & Draft Measurements
  • Lightweight Vinyl Carrying Case (Hard ABS Case available)
  • Protective Magnetic Rubber Boot
  • Economical, Ergonomic, Compact, and Rugged
  • Perfect for ANY Natural Gas, Propane, Oil, Wood, Coal, Bio–Fuel, and many more Applications