The ultimate solution for removing water from diesel fuel in the tank before it can damage the engine system or grow diesel bug.

Aquafighter® is simply placed into the tank through the largest opening and will completely polish out all types of water from diesel and similar fuels, and then continue to keep your fuel and your tank water-free in perpetuity.


Aquafighter® is the ultimate cure for water in diesel.

– Captures and Eliminates Water Directly in the Tank

– Completely Prevents Diesel Bug Forever

– Eliminates the Need for Most Additives

– Saves Up to 50% on Fuel Filter Usage

– Makes Fuel Gelling Obsolete

– Makes Fuel Polishing Machines Unnecessary
– Simplifies Tank and Fuel Maintenance

– Reduces Tank Cleaning

– Keeps Fuel “Clear & Bright” at All Times

– Protects Tank from Corrosion

Different sizes available for different tanks

Over 7000 lab tests performed with 100% efficiency to under 75ppm (90% of these tests were performed by 2 of the largest fuel produces in the world.)
Aquafighter® performs three actions in your diesel tank:

1. First,Aquafighter® forces the chemical reaction that separates the bound water molecules from the fuel molecules.

2. Second, Aquafighter® captures the formerly bound/emulsified water inside the fabric membrane.

3. Finally, Aquafighter® releases the clear and bright “better than spec” fuel back into the tank.

 If Water Causes It, Aquafighter® Stops It!

Protect your fuel by keeping Aquafighter® active in your tank at all times.

Different sizes available!

Aquafighter® removes all water from fuel directly in the tank with 100% efficiency to less than 75ppm water.

**Refinery spec fuel in Europe is 200ppm and the high standard for expensive fuel polishing machines is 92% efficiency to under 200ppm. No other solution has the effectiveness, efficiency and the ability to clean fuel directly in the tank like Aquafighter®.

See the proof:

The Future of Bound Water

**As bio-diesel becomes a greater component of diesel fuel, bound water becomes a bigger challenge for fuel companies, engine owners, operators and maintenance professionals. In fact, biodiesel can have up to 25 times more bound water than petroleum diesel.

With each percent of bio-diesel in fuel, the saturation point of the fuel grows. This increases the bound water capacity of the fuel.

****Aquafighter® is the only solution that can remove bound water or bio-bound water directly in the tank.****

Bound water makes the fuel cloudy and/or opaque. (This is not uncommon even in the most cared-for fuel tanks in every place around the world. Being on planet Earth makes water in fuel inescapable.)

Aquafighter® versus Fuel Polishing Machines

1. Aquafighter® removes water to less than 75ppm with 100% efficiency. The best fuel polishing machines in the world remove water to less than 200ppm, less than 100% of the time.

2. Aquafighter® removes water in diesel fuel directly in the tank. Fuel polishing machines must remove the fuel from the tank to remove the water.

3. Aquafighter® polishes water out of fuel before the water can create bacteria, microbes, corrosion, clogs, engine trouble or any other problem. Fuel polishing machines must wait for these problems to develop before they can be useful.

4.Aquafighter® is a cure and a preventative solution for water in diesel fuel and fuel tanks. Fuel polishing machines are purely a treatment for the many symptoms created by water in the diesel tank.

5. Aquafighter® is significantly more affordable than the purchase of a fuel polishing machine, the operation of a fuel polishing machine as well as the upkeep and maintenance of a fuel polishing machine.

6. Aquafighter® induces a the separation of water from fuel at the molecular/chemical level while fuel polishing machines must physically separate the water from the fuel; which requires several steps, an human operator and a lot of energy.

7. Aquafighter® requires a small amount of resources to accomplish better water removal while fuel polishing machines require much power to operate, a constant replacement of deposable filters and a large amount of work to set up and operate. Making Aquafighter®by far the much greener solution