Line Sentinel

The TS-LLD line leak detector uses patented, flow-based technology to perform multiple line tightness tests.



  • The TS-LLD leak detector performs gross leak tests after each 3.0 gph dispense, the monthly 0.2 gph test and the annual 0.1 gph test.
  • Performs positive shutdown if a leak is detected.
  • Tests performed at full pump pressure to ensure integrity of lines.
  • Carries numerous regulatory approvals.
  • Low-cost, wireless installation retrofits easily into the existing submersible turbine pump housings without excavation.


  • Dimensions:
  • Console – 4-3/8″ × 3-3/8″ × 2-5/16″.
  • Line leak detector – 23-1/2″ × 2-3/8″.
  • Applicable liquids: gasoline and diesel motor fuels.
  • Gross leak test (3.0 gph): yes.
  • Monthly test (0.2 gph): yes.
  • Annual test (0.1 gph): yes.
  • Indicates days since 0.2 gph test passed: yes.
  • LED unit: yes.
  • Positive shut-down: yes.
  • Tank Sentinel® interface: yes.


The TS-LLD can be used in most pressurized applications, in any new or existing turbine pump housing and can be used in place of a mechanical leak detector.

  • Third party certified with 100% probability of leak detection and a 0% probability of false alarm.
  • Supports rigid, fiberglass and flexible
  • piping systems.
  • Line leak test failure indicated by alarm.
  • Works as a stand-alone unit or interfaced with INCON Tank Sentinel® consoles.

Note: The presence of the integral in-line check valve of the TS-LLD during normal operation creates a pressure drop which will reduce the total flow potential of the submersible pump. Some of the pressure drop can be compensated by upgrading the submersible pump motor. To ensure desirable flow rates are achieved, we do not recommend TS-LLD in the following sites:

  • where it is imperative to achieve 10 gpm.
  • sites that frequently have more than 4 nozzles open at a time.

In such cases we recommend our AutoLearn™ pressure-based electronic leak line detector.


The INCON TS-LLD line leak detector performs a variety of tests forenvironmental compliance.

  • Eliminates slow-flow problems associated with mechanical leak detectors.
  • Immediately identifies leaks even in changing thermal conditions, unlike mechanical LLDs.
  • Performs continuous testing using highly sensitive volumetric flow technology.
  • Continuously performs self-diagnostic test to ensure proper system operation.


  • UL, cUL
  • Third party certification of leak detection capabilities

Order Info

Model Description
TS-LLD/FE Electronic line leak detector with an FE Petro installation adapter, one required for each submersible pump
TS-LLD/RJ Electronic line leak detector with a Red Jacket™ installation adapter, one required for each submersible pump
TS-LLD/RJQ Electronic line leak detector with a Red Jacket™ Quantum™ installation adapter, one required for each submersible pump