Ultra-trace measurements of UHP gases including hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and non-methane hydrocarbon compounds



Sensing Technology


The NanoChrome is a high performance analyzer specifically designed for the semiconductor manufacture industry, offering ultra-trace, highest reliability monitoring of H2, CH4, CO, COand NMHC in a wide range of common background gases including He, H2, N2, Ar and O2.

Using advanced new Plasma Emission Detector (PED) sensing technology and sensitive ProPeak software, both specially developed by Servomex, the NanoChrome provides considerable advantages over traditional Flame Ignition Detector (FID) and Reduction Gas Detection (RGD) sensing technologies in terms of performance, stability, safety and ability to reduce on-going costs.

Servomex’s advanced signal recovery uses patented ProPeak filtering methods to deliver a highly sensitive and selective measurement you can rely on. With no need for a methaniser or requirement flammable fuel gas, the NanoChrome also delivers appreciable cost benefits. When used with the Servomex DF-500 ultra-trace oxygen and DF-700 moisture series analyzers, the NanoChrome fulfils a unique total analysis solution
for UHP gas monitoring.

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  • Semiconductor Production – Quality Control Measurements
  • Semiconductor Production – Stationary Analytical Systems



Ensure your SERVOPRO NanoChrome UHP gas analyzer delivers optimum performance with Servomex Service Network.

Through our global network of engineers and service centers, we provide complete lifetime support for your analyzer. Our services range from installation and commissioning to supplying high quality spares and arranging scheduled servicing: visit our Service Network pages to find out more.