Using proven pulsed UV Fluorescent technology to deliver a precise measurement of sulfur dioxide in ambient air




Sensing Technology


For industrial applications that require ultra-low emissions monitoring of sulfur dioxide, the SERVOPRO SOis the ideal solution, utilizing ultraviolet (UV) Fluorescent technology to deliver a continuous measurement you can rely on. 

The analyzer is based upon UV radiation of the sulfur dioxide molecule using light in the range of 190-230nm. The molecule absorbs the light into an excited state (SO2*) and then decays back down to the ground state, where a photomultiplier tube (PMT) converts the signal into SOconcentration. The UV spectral region used has the least amount of interference from other gases present in the emission stream that can potentially quench the signal. 

To prevent interference and quenching from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) such as naphthalene, the SERVOPRO SOis fitted with a “kicker” to remove them from the sample before analysis, ensuring a reliable, accurate reading. 

Designed to slot seamlessly into a rack mounted system, the SERVOPRO SOis easy to integrate with existing emissions monitoring equipment. An intuitive
menu and large keypad allows for straightforward set-up and calibration. Remote operation is made possible through multiple options including RS232, and an optional TCP/IP. 

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  • Continuous emissions monitoring (CEMs)
  • Ambient air monitoring



Ensure your SERVOPRO SO2 analyzer delivers optimum performance with Servomex Service Network.

Through our global network of engineers and service centers, we provide complete lifetime support for your analyzer. Our services range from installation and commissioning to supplying high quality spares and arranging scheduled servicing: visit our Service Network pages to find out more.