Prism Mini

SloanLED Prism Mini

Premium 12V LED lighting solution for small channel letters

Nothing short of brilliance.

SloanLED Prism Mini takes the big performance of SloanLED Prism modules and packs it into a tiny but mighty package. Ideal for illuminating small channel letters 2-4″ (50-100 mm) deep, SloanLED Prism Mini features a micro prism lens that produces a wide, even light spread across a broader array of applications requiring a smaller form factor, making it the brightest and most consistent lighting option in its class. The result is nothing short of brilliance.

  • Available in White (7100 K, 6500 K, 5000 K, 4000 K, 3000 K), Red, Green, and Blue
  • Ideal for small channel letters 2-4″ (50-100 mm) deep
  • Use fewer modules for faster installation and lower cost per sign
  • Versatile mounting options