BLB | Brookfield Liquid Bath

Low Temperature Brookfield Viscosity

Test Methods

ASTM D2983 
IP 267
DIN 51398

Models Available

BLB 701
BLB 702
SimAir® | DIN Liquid Bath



King Brookfield Liquid Bath (BLB) measures low temperature viscosity of ATF’s, gear oils and hydraulic oils and other fluid lubricants using a patented SimAir® technique which allows the use of a small, less costly, constant temperature liquid bath.  The only technique available that permits independent sample analyses which eliminates the need for batch sample testing. 

The BLB is a widely used low-temperature test for a variety of industry specifications.



Features & Benefits

  • Unique Tannas SimAir® Test Cells provide proper sample temperature control for accurate, precise results and permits each test cell to operate independently, increasing productivity.
  • Features a 12-position carousel with 12 independent sample cells 
  • BLB models:  Capable of measuring a broad temperature range of +30°C to –70°C (BLB702) and +30°C to –40°C (BLB 701).
  • SimAir®/DIN model:  Capable of measuring a broad temperature range of +30°C to –55°C.
  • Fully self-contained internal hermetic refrigeration system – no external refrigeration units or controllers needed.
  • Digital temperature controller keeps bath temperature within +/- 0.1°C. 
  • Small bench top footprint with large illuminated viewing window.
  • Includes top mount for Brookfield viscometer (viscometer available separately).
  • Internal air system provides a continuous blanket of dry air over samples to eliminate moisture buildup.
  • Safety features include high-pressure cutout, high temperature limits, and low level shutdown.
  • CE Mark

Reference Oil

LNP-5   |   Low Temperature Newtonian Oil

Contact King Refrigeration for additional reference oils to run ASTM D2983 or DIN 51398.

Parts & Accessories

100235:  Tannas D2983 SimAir® Test Cell Assembly 

                 (Includes:  SimAir® Glass Stator, Spindle Support,
                 Coupling Bottom, & SimAir
® Spindle Assembly)

100236:  SimAir® Glass Stator 
170018:  DIN Glass Stator
100019:  Brookfield LVDV1 M Digital Viscometer
100005:  Brookfield LV-DV2T Viscometer
170033:  Spindle Storage Block
170028:  Test Cell Holding Rack
350190:  Desiccant Assembly
550175:  Desiccant Media 

SimAir® Parts

100235:  Tannas D2983 SimAir® Test Cell Assembly 
                 (Includes:  SimAir® Glass Stator, Spindle Support,
                 Coupling Bottom, & SimAir® Spindle Assembly)

100231:  SimAir® Spindle Assembly 
                (Includes: Spindle, Spindle Sleeve, & Spindle Collar)

100236:  SimAir® Glass Stator
100226:  Spindle Support 
100257:  Sleeve Coupling
100258:  Coupling Top
100256:  Coupling Bottom