MRV TP-1 | King Mini-Rotary Viscometer

MRV Temperature Profile 1

Test Methods

ASTM D3829
ASTM D4684
ASTM D6821
ASTM D6896


The King Mini-Rotary Viscometer determines borderline pumping temperatures and yield stress determinations of oils and lubricants without the use of chiller baths or thermoelectric cooling.  Measures a broad temperature range of + 80°C to – 40°C (176°F to – 40°F) and incorporates patented direct refrigeration technology for better temperature control and precision. 



Features & Benefits

  • MRV Software Package (with laptop) available
  • 10 sample testing capacity
  • Small bench-top footprint
  • Microprocessor temperature controllers store MRV/TP1 testing profiles in memory.
  • Unique design is fully self-contained – no external refrigeration or heating apparatus needed.
  • Advanced direct refrigeration technology eliminates the need for liquid cooling mediums such as methanol
  • Removable test cells allow for easy cleaning, sample agitation and advance sample preparation.
  • Self-contained pre-heating system to 80°C to remove oil memory prior to testing.
  • Rotor/stator rack supplied for convenient cleaning, drying and storage.

Reference Oil

LNP-5  |  Low Temperature Newtonian Oil

Parts & Accessories

350501:  King MRV Software Package (w/Laptop)
350222:  MRV Rotor/Stator Set
350127:  Stator Insertion & Removal Tool (S.I.R.T.)
350128:  Moisture Cover
950508:  Stainless Steel Thumb Nut
170028:  Test Cell Holding Rack
350129:  MRV Weight – 10 gram
350153:  MRV Weight – 150 gram
350417:  MRV String
350190:  Desiccant Assembly
550175:  Desiccant Media (1 lb. | 0.45 kg)
350232:  MRV Driveline Rotor (for ASTM D6821)
350223:  MRV Weight Set – Driveline (for ASTM D6821)
020019:  N105B Reference Oil (Pint | 0.47 L)