SimAir™ Test Cells for ASTM D2983


The use of the Brookfield low-temperature test procedure, for over a half-century, highlights the significance of this test on the performance of fluids at low-temperatures. However, a desire to simplify the test procedure arose due to the inherent temperature control problems of cold air cabinets. Heat distribution of the air within the bath created difficulties with sample warming during the transfer from the air bath to the viscometer. This required duplicate sample runs to ensure proper rotor speed determination.

Using the SimAir® Test Cell, the sample is immersed in a liquid bath held at the exact temperature desired for final analysis. With no bath cooling program, the SimAir® cell modifies heat transfer to the sample and simulates the cooling influence of the air bath – permitting the sample to develop the same viscometric characteristics as in the air bath at cooling rates of greater than 60°C/hour.



Features & Benefits

  • Simple, precise, and more efficient data acquisition.
  • Designed with an insulating chamber between two glass walls to simulate the cooling profile of the original cold air cabinet.
  • Each SimAir® Test Cell functions with its own independent cooling profile.
  • SimAir® Test Cells can be added or removed at any time without affecting the other samples.  This increases productivity, ease-of-use, and eliminates the need to run batch sample tests.
  • The fully-insulated SimAir® Spindle is constructed of a composite plastic material to prevent any source of heat entering the interior of the Stator. 
  • Used exclusively in the ‘constant’ temperature King BLB and Tannas SB+2® liquid baths.

SimAir® Test Cell Parts