SBT® Direct Cool

Scanning Brookfield Technique – Low Temperature Pumpability & Gelation Index

Test Methods

ASTM D5133
ASTM D7110
Chinese SH/T0732


The Scanning Brookfield Technique® (SBT®) measures apparent viscosity of fresh, sooted, or highly oxidized engine oils at low temperatures. It determines the susceptibility of engine oils to flow-limited and air-binding responses during slow cooling conditions by providing continuous rheological data over a broad temperature range (+90°C to -45°C). 



Features & Benefits

  • The non-liquid system eliminates flammable bath mediums from laboratory environments.
  • Dual position, independent test sample design.
  • Simple vertical alignment and centering of viscometers.
  • Small bench-top footprint.
  • Self-contained pre-heating: Heats samples to 90°C prior to analysis, while remaining in position.
  • Internal automatic dry air system removes moisture that accumulates during the test.
  • Programmable Temperature Controller maintains bath temperature within ±0.1°C to -45°C.
  • The enhanced SBT® Automation Package (with laptop) offers the capacity to operate up to four, 2-place, Direct Cool units simultaneously and independently.

Reference Oils

GIR-150   |   Gelation Index Reference Oil
LNP-5   |   Low Temperature Newtonian Oil

For a complete listing of part numbers and available container sizes of SBT® Direct Cool Reference Oils, review the Tannas Reference Oils & Catalysts Parts List.

Visit our Certified Reference Materials page to download SDS sheets or Oil Certificates.

Parts & Accessories

100750:  Tannas SBT2010 Automation Package
100854:  SBT® Direct Cool Viscometer (TAV-III)
160022:  SBT® Direct Cool Stator
160021:  SBT® Direct Cool Adapter Assembly
160011:  SBT® Direct Cool Rotor
100031:  Female Hook
100032:  Male Hook
040013:  LNP-5 Calibration Fluid
030007:  Gelation Index Reference Oil (GIR-150)