TBS® | HTHS Tapered Bearing Simulator Viscometer

High-Temperature, High Shear Rate Rotational Viscosity

Test Methods

ASTM D4683   |  ASTM D6616
CEC L-36-A90
IP 370
Reference technique for ASTM D4741 and D5481


The Tapered Bearing Simulator (TBS®) Viscometer is a rotational viscometer for measuring high temperature, high shear rate (HTHS) viscosity of engine oils over a broad shear rate (50,000 to >7 million sec–1) and temperature range (40°C to 200°C).

Developed in 1979 and under several patents, the TBS Viscometer became the world’s first high shear viscometer.  It remains the modern benchmark ‘referee’ instrument for HTHS viscometry due to its innovative measurement technique, robust design, and notable operational upgrades.

Through several noteworthy instrument advancements, the TBS® brings a heightened level of operator ease and productivity for both research and routine laboratory HTHS testing. These innovations include two optional Full-Automation modes, constant temperature control, a 12-step motor for simple adjustment of shear rate, quick ‘chase-flush’ sample exchange, and complete computer control for automatic calibration, sample injection and data reporting.



Features & Benefits

  • Full-Automation Package with 42-position AutoSampler – simply load samples, input desired sample information, start the automation program, and return to retrieve results.
  • The Full-Automation Manual Injection Package (with Laptop) incorporates specialized software for automated Rotor/Stator adjustments and instrument calibrations.
  • Capable of analyzing both ‘fresh’ and ‘used’ oils.
  • Single sample testing with no requirement for duplication or averaging of sample data.
  • ‘Chase-Flush’ sample replacement technique – no cleaning solution injections between sample runs.
  • Adjustable temperature range from 40°C to 200°C with optional cooling device.
  • Thin-Film Stator heating provides constant and precise temperature control with no external hot oil bath.
  • Excellent research tool with broad shear rate range capability via 12 rotor speed selections and Rotor/Stator depth relationship adjustment (50,000 to >7 million sec-1).
  • TBS Reference Oil sets available for operation at temperatures of 80°, 100° and 150°C.
  • Applies a constant, linear shear rate profile continually to the fluid. An absolute viscometer where ‘true’ shear rate is calculated from known dimensions and speed of rotation. No need for shear rate correction or the possibility of erroneous results due to clogged capillaries.

Reference Oils

HTHS Newtonian Reference Oils HTHS Non-Newtonian Reference Oils Additional TBS Reference Oils
R-100 NNR-03 & RL 240 BIF-03 (Break-In Fluid)
R-200 & RL 241 NNR-10 Idling Oil
R-300 NNR-80
R-350 & RL 242
R-400 & RL 238
R-450 & RL 239

For a complete listing of part numbers and available container sizes of TBS™ Reference Oils, please review the Tannas Reference Oils & Catalysts Parts List.

Visit our Certified Reference Materials page to download SDS sheets or Oil Certificates.

Parts & Accessories

Full Automation Package Option:
300140:  Full Automation Package-T42C with
                  AutoSampler/Delivery Assembly
300192:  TBS2010 F-2 Auto Software – Manual Injection
Spare Parts & Consumables:
300252:  Conventional Rotor/Stator Set (Calibrated)
300288:  Stator Housing Assembly w/Lids
300175:  TBS® Shield Enclosure
300315:  TBS® 2100E Siamese™ Collet Assembly
300319:  Collett Assembly Tool
300263:  RTD Assembly (Temperature Sensor)
300273:  Thin-Film Heater Assembly
300949:  Collet Shaft (5/pack)
300512:  O-ring: Stator Housing (5/pack)
300520:  O-ring: Stator Support (5/pack)
300514:  Disposable AutoSampler Vials (50/pack)
300130:  Reference Oil Bottle Set, Autosampler
300513:  Disposable Syringe (20/pack)
300569:  Glass Syringe
300547:  Filter Holder
300548:  Filter Paper (50/pack)
300124:  AutoSampler Plastic Rack (Holds 21 Samples)
300493:  Alignment Tool
Accessories for Low Temperature Operation:
300250:  Recirculating Chiller
300253:  Modified Rotor/Stator Set (Calibrated)
300289:  Modified Stator Housing Assembly