Duo-Pak 40

Extended Surface Self-Seal Two Pocket Filter


Duo-Pak 40 filters are designed for applications where long service life with a medium efficiency filter is required.

The Duo-Pak 40, 2 ply configuration, with the benefits of the depth-loading characteristics of 550 media, offers high dust holding capacity and efficiency. The progressive density design of the 550 media is enhanced with a specially formulated tackifier to prevent particle migration and provide exceptional efficiency above five microns.

The Duo-Pak 40, 1 ply configuration, which utilizes a tackified single density polyester media, offers an economical alternative for applications where high dust holding capacity in a primary filter is required.

The self-sealing feature of the Duo-Pak 40 prevents air bypass and eliminates the need for clips; saving time and money during change-outs. The longer service life and low cost make the Duo-Pak 40 an ideal replacement for four-inch, or six-inch pleat applications where holding frames, or flat bank side access housings are in use.

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