Synthetic, Extended Surface Prefilter for Reverse Mount DuraMAX Installations


  • The DuraGlove Prefilter is designed to prolong the lifecycle of the DuraMAX 4v Final Filter (see photo above) in reverse-mount installations.
  • Reverse-mount installations, in which DuraMAX 4v Final Filters are installed with the “V’s” as the air entry side, are common in inlet housings where limited space makes it difficult to install a separate bank of prefilters.
  • The DuraGlove is constructed with durable synthetic filter media formed into a cube configuration and fits snugly onto the air entry face of the DuraMAX 4v.
  • Several standard sizes are available.

ASHRAE Efficiency: 30%–35%

MERV Rating: 8

Consult Bulletin No: K-996B