High Efficiency Gas Phase Filter


  • Removes VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), chemical and contaminants
  • Small mesh size carbon for high efficiency
  • Uses Celbond Particulate Structure (CPS) Technology
  • More odor catching surface area with less weight
  • Low pressure drop
  • Virtually no dusting
  • Excellent polishing filter for high contaminant concentrations

The DuraKleen gas phase adsorber offers superior performance in gas and odor applications where ultra high efficiencies are required.

More and more facility and process engineers are becoming sensitive to removing low levels of gases known as airborne molecular contamination (AMC), which are typically 1 part per million (ppm) and less.

The DuraKleen removes these low level gases to help provide acceptable levels of indoor air quality for manufacturing processes, museums, hospitals, commercial office buildings, cleanrooms, and many others.

The filter media uses the Celbond Particulate Structure (CPS) technology, which suspends activated carbon in a uniform distribution throughout a tightly bonded three-dimensional network of bicomponent fibers. Unlike many competitors’ products, the bond between the fiber and the carbon in the DuraKleen only obstructs approximately 1% of the carbon’s surface area.

This maximizes the exposure of the gas contaminant to the carbon. Additionally, this fiber-to-carbon bond eliminates the need for post filtration in most applications.

The DuraKleen contains 500gsm of 20×50 mesh size carbon. The blend of small 20×50 mesh size and 500gsm carbon loading gives the DuraKleen an outstanding combination of great first pass removal efficiency, filter life, and low pressure drop.

The DuraKleen is also available in other media options for the removal of specific types of amines and acid gases.

The DuraKleen can be used in several types of applications:

  • Chemical Storage Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Sports Arenas
  • Laboratories
  • Airports
  • Casinos
  • Museums and archives
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical
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