DuraMAX 2vS

High Efficiency, Synthetic Media Minipleat Filter


  • MERV 11-15 performance rating
  • High efficiency mini pleat (65%, 75%, 85%, 55% and 98%)
  • High efficiency synthetic media
  • Low pressure drop
  • Reduces energy cost
  • Light weight plastic, extremely rigid frame
  • Superior dust holding and prolonged filter life
  • UL Classified
  • Incinerable

Koch Filter’s DuraMAX 2vS is an extended surface air filter engineered to provide maximum performance and prolonged filter lifecycles in office buildings, hospitals, paint booths, gas turbine/power generation and a variety of other commercial and industrial HVAC applications.

Low pressure drop reduces energy costs. The DuraMAX 2vS provides a superior combination of low pressure drop and high efficiency through the use of our unique minipleat design. This design allows a nominal 24x24x12 DuraMAX 2vS filter to incorporate 106 square feet of media. The extended surface design ensures low resistance to airflow and reduced energy costs to the building owner.

Upgrade from other high efficiency filters. The DuraMAX 2vS is designed to replace almost any competitive high efficiency air filter. Its lightweight, all-plastic frame installs easily into side-access housings or front-load holding frames and is an ideal choice to replace bag filters and other box-style rigid filters.

The DuraMAX is also available in the original 4v design. The DuraMAX 4v offers all of the same performance benefits as the 2v model, with the difference being that it contains 194 square feet of filter media in the 24x24x12 size, creating an even lower pressure drop and longer filter life!

See Bulletin K-996B for additional information on the DuraMAX 4v.

Its all-plastic frame is durable and incinerable. The durable, all-plastic frame makes the DuraMAX 2vS the filter of choice in filtration systems with high velocities, variable air volume (VAV), high moisture, or in areas where the user desires to incinerate the filters after use.

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