DuraMAX 4v32

High Efficiency, Synthetic Media Minipleat Filter


  • MERV 16 performance rating
  • Durable syntheic filter media
  • Low resistance to airflow
  • Extended filter life
  • All-plastic frame construction
  • Incinerable

The DuraMAX 4vGT-DG is a rigid, extended surface air filter engineered to provide maximum performance and prolonged ?lter lifecycles.

Low resistance to airflow and lower energy costs 
DuraMAX provides an unequaled combination of low pressure drop and high efficiency through the use of our unique minipleat design.
The DuraMAX 4vGT-DG contains 310 square feet of synthetic filter media in a standard 24x24x16″ frame to help insure a low pressure drop which in turn helps to lower energy costs to the user.

DuraMAX 4vGT-DG is constructed with durable, dual-layer synthetic air filter media designed specifically for high efficiency air filtration applications.
The rugged composition of the synthetic media makes the DuraMAX 4vGT-DG an ideal choice for high velocity or high moisture systems, such as Gas Turbines Air Intakes.

DuraMAX filters offer extended filter life
The high capacity minipleat design of the DuraMAX 4vGT-DG ensures high dust holding capacity and extended filter lifecycles.
Fewer filter changes means reduced disposal costs and lower overall cost of ownership.
Increased depth extends life and allows for increased dust holding capacity.

DuraMAX filters offer engineered versatility
The DuraMAX 4vGT-DG is designed to meet the wide range of requirements found in today’s position of complex air filtration systems.
The 4vGT-DG is constructed with a durable all-plastic frame that can be completely incinerated.
The DuraMAX 4vGT-DG can be reverse-installed in applications with space limitations.

Please see Bulletin No. K-996B for information on our popular original DuraMAX 4v, constructed with microfiberglass.

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