Extended Surface Activated Carbon Filter


  • Provides effective removal of odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
  • Constructed with premium grade coconut shell carbon
  • Two carbon capacity options
  • Available with specially impregnated adsorption medias

DuraPURE Extended Surface Activated Carbon Filter

As worldwide Indoor Air Quality specifications become more demanding, gas phase adsorption is quickly becoming a major factor in commercial and industrial air filtration systems.

The DuraPURE is an excellent high performance solution in applications such as airports, industrial facilities, chemical plants, office buildings, and a wide variety of other air filtration systems.

The DuraPURE is an extended surface carbon filter which utilizes premium grade granular 60% activated carbon.

DuraPURE’s unique V-shaped frame holds up to 26 pounds of activated carbon in a single 24x24x12 filter, which insures maximum VOC and odor removal in any commercial or industrial application.

Two Capacity Levels and Three Standard Sizes
To meet the tough requirements of today’s complex air filtration systems, DuraPURE is available in three standard sizes, and two media capacity levels, Standard Capacity and High Capacity.

Specialized Carbon Media
DuraPURE is also available with specialized impregnated carbon media for removal of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and other difficult-to-remove compounds. Consult your Koch Filter representative to find the appropriate DuraPURE model for your system.

DuraPURE Applications
With two capacity levels, three standard sizes and specially-impregnated carbons available, the DuraPURE can be used effectively in a wide variety of applications.

  • Airports – DuraPURE removes toxic compounds, such as aviation fuel emissions, and other airborne gases common to airport environments.
  • Industrial Manufacturing Plants – DuraPURE is useful in protecting people and processes from a wide range of gaseous emissions in source-capture or ventilation applications.
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Hospitals – DuraPURE provides effective control of undesirable odors and compounds such as fumes from parking garages.
  • DustNet™ Afterfilter – DuraPURE filters may also be furnished with an optional DustNet,a cube-style afterfilter constructed with 100% polyester synthetic filter media. The DustNet provides enhanced efficiency and prevents carbon dusting downstream. When ordered, DustNet™ is shipped pre-installed on the DuraPURE filters.
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