Maxi-Grid 600L Diffusion Panel

Paint Filtration Panels


  • Progressive density media
  • Durable steel internal support wire
  • Individual panels or link panels for front access holding frames or side-access housings
  • Excellent filter for high moisture applications

Maxi-Grid A Complete Line of Internally-Supported Panel filters
Koch Filter offers six unique Maxi-Grid Panel Filters for use as prefilters or final filters in commercial and industrial air filtration systems of all types. Koch MG Panels are widely used in commercial office buildings, hospitals, paint spray booths, universities, and in many manufacturing facilities.

Link Panels 
Koch Maxi-Grid Panels are also available linked in a continuous series of panels for installation into side access filter housings. MG Link Panels allow for quick and easy installation and removal of the filter from the channel as a single unit.

Link Panels eliminate the possibility of air bypass caused by gaps between filters or gaps at the end of a filter track.

Space-saving packaging 
Koch Maxi-Grid Filters reduce the cost of shipping and storage by as much as half when compared to standard 2″ filters. Standard cardboard-framed filters are packaged 12 per carton (shown on left), while Koch MG Panels are packaged 24 in a single carton.
Koch MG Panels will save valuable storage space, as well as allow maintenance personnel to make fewer trips when carrying filters to the air handler.

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