Extended Surface Minipleat Filter


  • Minipleat Design
  • Beverage Board or Metal Frame
  • Three Efficiency Ranges
    90-95% (MERV 14)
    80-85% (MERV 13)
    60-65% (MERV 11)
  • Compact 4″ Depth
  • Lightweight Construction

The Koch MicroMAX is an extended surface minipleat filter designed for use in a wide variety of air filtration systems.

The MicroMAX offers a unique combination of high efficiency and low pressure drop making it the ideal filter for use in any standard HVAC system.

The added advantages of its compact 4″ depth and lightweight-yet-rigid construction also give the MicroMAX unsurpassed capability to perform in more specialized and difficult applications.

Compact MicroMAX Design…Reduces Shipping Cost…Saves Space
Compared with most competitive filters, which are packaged only one-per-carton, MicroMAX filters are packaged three-per-carton. This multiple packaging means substantial reductions in shipping costs.

MicroMAX filters contain 120 sq. ft. of media, yet they are only 4″ deep, and weigh just 7 lbs. each. Most competitive 12″deep filters with equal media area require three times the storage space, and weigh as much 25 lbs. each.

Dual Density Filter Media
The media used in MicroMAX minipleat filters is composed of microfiberglass paper, treated with a specially-formulated, waterrepellent binder.
Millions of fibers are constructed into a Graded Density mat, with coarse fibers upstream and finer fibers on the air-exiting side.
This dual-density insures full media utilization, which results in higher dust holding capacity and extended filter life.

Also available with antimicrobial-treated media

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