Multi-Flo Series G

Microfiberglass, Extended Surface Rigid Air Filter


  • Low pressure drop
  • Reduces energy cost
  • UL rated
  • Durable plastic internal supports
  • MERV 10 – 15 performance rating
  • High efficiency synthetic or microfiberglass media
  • Rigid construction for variable-air-volume systems

Koch Filter’s Multi-Flo is a rigid, extended surface air filter that is engineered to provide medium and high efficiency air filtration with long filter lifecycles.

Because of its rugged metal and plastic frame construction, the Multi-Flo is capable of operating in a wide variety of air handling systems and is an excellent product for variable air volume (VAV) applications where changes in airflow might render a non-rigid filter ineffective.

These filters are available in a single-header or non-header configuration, making it easy to install in any side access or front access housing. Each filter is completely disposable and is furnished ready for installation.

Multi-Flo filters are widely used in hospitals, manufacturing plants, automotive plants, office buildings, universities, pharmaceutical laboratories, and many other commercial and industrial applications.

Multi-Flo Series G filters are constructed with a microfiberglass media. These ultrafine glass fibers are formed into a progressively dense, high loft blanket, which provides a high dust holding ability and low resistance to airflow. Designed specifically for use in high efficiency air filtration, this media has a long record of proven reliability, even under extreme atmospheric conditions.

Available in four ASHRAE efficiency ranges, Koch Filter’s Multi-Flo Series G will be able to meet the unique demands of every application.

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