Multi-Pleat Elite

Self-Supporting Extended Surface Pleated Filter


  • Exclusive vForm™ Pleating Technology
  • MERV 8 performance rating
  • Self-supporting pleats requires no metal reinforcement
  • Low resistance to airflow reduces energy costs
  • Moisture-resistant beverage board frame
  • Completely incinerable

High performance MERV 8 mechanical air filter media is self-supporting and requires no metal support grid downstream.
No metal components means the filter is completely incinerable after use.

Exclusive vForm™ Pleating Technology maintains uniform pleat spacing in every filter.
In addition, vForm™ Pleating Technology insures the same pleat configuration used for decades in our original Multi-Pleat products. Same aerodynamic v-shaped pleat design, same superior performance.

Sturdy, moisture-resistant, beverage board perimeter frame and cross-braces provide structural integrity even in difficult operating conditions.

The media used in the Multi-Pleat Elite is extraordinarily resilient and is engineered to endure the rigors of shipping, handling, installation and operation.

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