Multi-Pleat HT

High Efficiency Extended Surface Filters for High Temperature Applications


Multi-Pleat HT filters are designed for ovens and air filtration systems with continuous operational temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). This product is widely used in applications such as paint spray booths, baking systems, drying ovens, and in any system where elevated operating temperatures require a more specialized type of air filtration.

Durable construction
The Multi-Pleat HT is constructed with a medium efficiency extended surface media element secured in a 24 gauge aluminized steel enclosure frame to resist flaking. The MERV 8 media element is composed of specifically formulated, extended surface glass micro fiber, designed to provide superior performance without degredation in high temperature systems. The media element is bonded to the entire interior surface of the frame to eliminate air bypass, and the radial design of each pleat insures total media utilization. The media element is supported downstream by a high temperature expanded metal grid.

MERV Rating: 8

Consult Bulletin No: PB-594

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