OdorKleen 250

High Efficiency MERV 8 Carbon/Particulate Filter


  • New Design–Superior Performance
  • Merv 8 – Great particulate efficiency
  • More odor catching surface area with less weight
  • Low pressure drop
  • Virtually no dusting

Odorkleen 250 offers superior performance in gas and odor adsorption, as well as excellent particulate filtration.
This “combination” product contains 250gsm of carbon product attached to a high efficiency cotton – polyester media.

OdorKleen 250 Carbon & FibersThe Gas-Phase Filtration Media layer is based on the Celbond Particulate Structures (CPS™) technology, which suspends activated carbon in a uniform distribution throughout a tightly bonded three dimensional network of bicomponent fibers.
Unlike many competitors’ products, the bond between the fiber and the carbon in the OdorKleen 250 only uses approximately 1% of the carbon’s surface area. This maximizes the exposure of the gas contaminant to the carbon.

The media layer used to capture the particulate contaminants is made up of a cotton — polyester blend that is attached to the carbon media.
The combination of the two distinct medias give the filter an efficiency rating of Merv 8, while maintaining a low pressure drop unlike competitors’ products.

The OdorKleen 250 offers many can be used in several types of applications:

  • Chemical Storage Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Sports Arenas
  • Laboratories
  • Airports
  • Smoking Lounges/Bars
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