SprayStop Expanded Paper

Expanded Paper and Polyester Paint Arrestors


SprayStop Expanded Paper paint arrestors are disposable paint overspray collectors that are designed to prevent paint solids from reaching the exhaust stack.

Multi-Layer Design ensures full loading and long life SprayStop Expanded Paper is composed of several layers of slit and expanded paper.
These layers form a progressively dense weave, open on the air entry side and gradually becoming tighter toward the air exit side.
These progressively dense layers ensure long life and full depth loading through the paint arrestor.

Multiple Capacities and Efficiencies to Meet Individual Needs
SprayStop Expanded Paper is available in different efficiency and capacity levels to meet the filtration requirements of individual paint booths.
For high demanding applications, SprayStop Expanded Paper can be designed to hold up to twice the overspray before changing is required.
Polyester backing is also available to help increase the overall efficiency needed for very finely atomized overspray particles.


  • Up to 99.9% Efficiency
  • Reduces the number of change-outs and down time
  • Long Filter Life
  • Multiple Capacity & Efficiency levels

SprayStop Expanded Paper Paint Arrestors follow the industry standards by complying with N.F.P.A Standard No. 33 and the current policies of OSHA, by removing flame-retardant salts from the media. This eliminates toxic gases during incineration as well as phosphates and sulfates leaching out of the landfill. This also helps to meet state and municipal codes and requirements.

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