SprayStop FG

Fiberglass Paint Arrestor


SprayStop FG is designed specifically for economical paint overspray collection.
The media is approximately 2″ thick and is constructed of thousands of continuous filament glass fibers formed into a progressively dense blanket or pad.
This graduated density forces paint particles to permeate the entire filter pad from back to front.
Full depth loading provides longer service life and less downtime.

SprayStop FG is an excellent paint arrestor for all types of paints and coatings.
This media effectively removes overspray solids from lacquers, air dry enamels and bake enamels.

SprayStop FG utilizes a unique thermoset bonding resin which provides superior compression strength.
This specialized component allows each pad to spring back to full thickness upon removal from the carton.
Superior resiliency means the product can be bulk packaged, resulting in low storage space requirements and better coatings collection performance.

Product Performance Data

  • Initial Pressure Drop @ 150 FPM = .02″ w.g.
  • Paint Holding Capacity = 1260 grams
  • Average Removal Efficiency = 98.7%
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