SprayStop STK-10

High Efficiency Synthetic Paint Arrestor


SprayStop STK is an extremely durable paint arrestor composed of 100% multi-denier syntheic fibers.

These fibers are arranged in a progressively dense configuration. Course on the air entering side and becoming finer toward the air exiting side of the media. This graduated density allows paint particles to permeate the pad from the back to front.

This full depth loading enables the SprayStop STK to provide up to 96% removal efficiency when used to collect aerospace primers and powder coat materials.With longer service life and less downtime; the unique capabilities of the SprayStop STK protects against stack contamination and provides maximum acheivable control of chromate-laden primers and other coating materials.
The upstream side of the SprayStop STK is red in color, while the downstream side is tinted purple to ensure correct installation.

The binders used in SprayStop STK are acrylic with no harmful halogens used.
SprayStop STK is an excellent arrestor for all types of air-dry coating materialsl. The media effectively removes overspray solids from lacquers and air dry enamels. STK media is a durable media that can be vacuumed and re-used, making it an ideal choice as a primary filter for cost effective source capture. SprayStop STK is available in 3/8″ thick pre-cut pads or blankets, service rolls, and economical bulk rolls.

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