Kozy Insulators



Minimizes ambient temperature effects on your sample system!


Ambient temperature changes can create numerous problems for your sample system. Daytime and nighttime temperature cycling can cause erratic gas analysis due to adsorption/desorption effects. Low ambient temperatures can cool a sample below its dew point, causing condensation. Condensed liquid can result in unstable pressure regulation or regulator “freeze up”, inaccurate sample analysis, and analyzer damage. Insulating the pipeline, associated piping/valving, and other components of the sample system will help to minimize the effects of daytime/nighttime temperature cycling on the sample system and prevent condensation of the gas sample by helping to maintain the sample at a consistent temperature.


Kozy™ Insulators are designed to insulate the area around the sample tap as well as valves, sample probes, pressure regulators and other types of sampling equipment located directly at the sample point. A special high temperature liner is offered for use when a Kozy™ will be in direct contact with sampling equipment that may exceed the normal 250°F (121.1°C) temperature rating. It is important to note that Kozy™ Insulators work best when the minimum ambient temperature does not reach below 45°F (7.2°C) for extended periods of time. A+ Corporation offers alternative heating and insulating options for colder climates.




  •  Helps to preserve sample integrity
  •  Minimize adsorption/desorption effects
  •  Prevent condensation
  •  Preserve sample integrity
  •  More economical option than a rigid GRP or Stainless Steel insulted enclosure


  • Adjustable pipe blanket strap to accommodate pipe diameters up to 36”
  • Velcro ends on pipe blanket, probe and regulator jackets and extension pieces for easy assembly
  • Velcro/D-ring closure on valve extension ensures a snug fit
  • Optional high temperature liner