Genie 751 Direct Drive Corrosion Coupon Probe



Corrosion coupon insertion without source depressurization!


The Direct Drive™ Model 751 coupon holder probe allows a corrosion coupon to be inserted and retracted from a pressurized source through a full port valve without the use of a special insertion device or the force and bulky equipment associated with pneumatic or hydraulic methods. Its adjustable probe depth up to the maximum specified probe length allows precise positioning of the coupon within the pipeline or process.




  • Easy, quick, safe insertion and extraction from a pressurized source without a special insertion device
  • Field serviceable packing gland
  • Standard coupon attachment tip can be modified to fit other coupon types
  • Velocity tested at CEESI flow lab up to 200 ft/sec


  • Patented insertion method
  • Patented harmonic resonance dampening design
  • Adjustable length with threaded or flanged process connection
  • Proprietary antifriction coating with internal thread die
  • Optional speed wrench for faster installation