DaVinci Analyzer Distribution Panel



One gas sample stream in and four low pressure gas streams out!


The DaVinci™ Modular Analyzer Distribution Panel (ADP) is a pre-packaged solution that makes it possible to supply up to four different analyzers with low pressure gas samples from a single source, eliminating the need to establish multiple sample points and reducing the cost of required sampling hardware.


The ADP consists of a single modular board with built in purge loop, inlet filter and gauge, integral stream isolation valves, and pressure regulators with their respective gauges. The standard ADP is supplied with one regulator and pressure gauge. Up to three additional regulators with respective gauges can be added and assembled on the board at the time of order or later in the field by the technician.


The Analytically Correct™ design of the ADP’s purge loop ensures that a representative sample is always present at the inlet of each individual sample stream. The individual sample streams are independent of one another, eliminating the chance of active streams being affected by other streams coming on or off line. The compact modular design of the ADP makes it easy to install, maintain, and troubleshoot. A regulator kit is offered for easy replacement of regulators in the field. It is important to note that when sampling gases near their dew point, it may be necessary to install the ADP in a heated area or heated insulated enclosure. For assistance in determining heating requirements, please contact A+ Corporation or your local A+ distributor.




  • Eliminates the need to establish multiple sample points
  • Reduces the cost of required sampling hardware
  • Pre-packaged solution eliminates technician assembly
  • Space-saving , compact modular design
  • Easy to add or replace regulators in the field


  • Analytically Correct™ purge loop
  • Inlet filter & gauge
  • Up to four (4) pressure regulators with respective gauges
  • Integral valving
  • Regulator kit