Providing superior protection for enclosures and equipment against damage from relative humidity!


Moisture and Corrosion Control Packets provide the best protection against damage from relative humidity and corrosion for any enclosure or piece of equipment that is operating, in transit, or in storage. The contents of each packet will not affect or damage non-metal material and can withstand maximum temperatures of 176°F (80°C) and exposure to high humidity without impacting their effectiveness. All packets come with self-adhesive mounting tape, which allows for easy installation into any enclosure, even if the enclosure is frequently opened. They are constructed of a heat-sealed, semi-permeable membrane material filled with Humidisorb, X-Corrode, or Humidisorb Plus X-Corrode, depending on your application needs.


Humidisorb Packets are filled with a self-regenerating desiccant that can absorb and release enormous quantities of moisture from surrounding air without becoming saturated. When first placed in service, a packet of granules will begin rapid absorption of moisture. The packet will absorb at least five to ten times more moisture than the conventional desiccant before coming to equilibrium with the relative humidity (RH) of surrounding air. This will usually take several weeks to occur, even in very humid environments. During periods when the enclosure RH is lower than its long-term average the packet releases moisture in vapor form. The moisture desorption process cannot wet the air above its average RH level. When enclosure RH tends to rise above its average level, the packet absorbs moisture. By absorbing moisture when the RH rises, and releasing some of the vapor phase moisture (regenerating) when the RH drops, the packet maintains a constant RH within the enclosure that is equal to the long-term average humidity.


Normally, these packets do not require replacement. During cycles of absorption and desorption the packet may change back and forth between putty-like and hard states.  The packet may become putty-like as the granules absorb moisture and stick together. The granules, having once been putty-like, continue to stick together during periods of desorption; therefore, the packet may feel hard. This is a normal occurrence and will not alter the product’s effectiveness.


Humidisorb packets are perfect for use in a typical electrical/electronic enclosure because with the ambient temperature changes inside each enclosure throughout the day, very large swings of RH can occur. Enclosure RH can spike to very high levels for short periods, especially early in the morning when temperatures are generally at their minimum. As the air inside the enclosure cools and contracts, moist external air is drawn into the enclosure. Moisture adsorbs on the cooler surfaces inside the enclosure. When the ambient temperature rises, air within the enclosure expands and is forced out, leaving behind some of the adsorbed moisture. Most of the corrosion and stray electrical currents that occur in enclosures result from daily RH spikes. Humidisorbpackets are designed to control the spikes by maintaining a constant, low level of humidity in an enclosure over long periods of time.


Visit our How It Works article where we not only provide important information but answer commonly asked questions about all Humidisorb products.




  • Economical
  • Easy installation
  • Helps improve safety of personnel and equipment


  • Self-regenerating
  • Five to ten times greater moisture absorbing capacity than ordinary desiccants such as silica gel
  • Effective in frequently opened enclosures
  • Self-adhesive tape included in bag for optional use
  • High dielectric strength
  • Non-toxic