Steam Jacketed Outside Screw & Yoke Hydrolet QRB Valve (3″ and 4″)


This valve has the same features as our Steam Jacket Q.R.B. but with the added advantage of having an outside screw and yoke which isolates the threads of the stem from the product being hauled.  The steam jacketed Q.R.B. is designed to handle temperature sensitive liquids. The quick removable bonnet permits easy dismantling for cleaning and inspection. The valve is available in the three styles shown below in 3” and 4” sizes with flanged or threaded outlets.  The valve is constructed of 316 stainless for compatibility with a wide range of products.  The jacket material is 304 stainless and the two steam connections are ¾” NPT female.

Pressure and Temperature Rating:

  • Max working pressure (MAWP): 35 psi [2.4 bar]
  • Max temperature (dependent on seal):
  • PTFE, FKM or Non-Asbestos: 400°F [204°C]
  • Nitrile (Buna-N): 230°F [110°C]