The Betts “T” Style Hydrolet Valve is designed for use on transport tanks hauling a variety of products. The valve is available steel or aluminum.  Available in 3” and 4” sizes with flanged or threaded outlets.

Pressure and Temperature Rating: Valves are rated at 35 psi [2.4 bar] maximum working pressure. Temperature varies as to which packing, gasket & disc material is specified. Aluminum valves with non-Asbestos gaskets are rated to 375°F [191°C] maximum working temperature.  Aluminum valves  with PTFE, FKM gaskets are rated to 250°F [121°C] and with Nitrile seals 150°F [66°C].  Steel valves  with non-Asbestos are rated at 500°F [260°C] maximum working temperature, with PTFE, FKM seals 250°F [121°C] and with Nitrile seals 150°F [66°C].