Wet-R-Dri Valve Cover Page and Part Number Code


The Betts Wet-R-Dri Valve is a lightweight and compact quarter turn in-line stop valve. This easily maintained and versatile valve is widely used for liquid, gaseous or dry products and is available in a variety of sizes and styles.  The body is offered in aluminum, cast iron or stainless-lined with coatings available for increased chemical resistance and extend service life.  The disc seal and shaft O-rings are available in a variety of materials to optimize chemical resistance and service temperature range.  Valve models are available in manual detent, manual metering, and pneumatic or hydraulic operated.  The spring-closed actuator model satisfies the requirements of an external self-closing stop valve.

A representative part numbering system is used for Wet-R-Dri Valves.  Each letter or digit in the part number is indicative of a feature or option as shown in the chart.  If an option is not covered by the standard numbering system, a three-digit suffix will apply.  All options and part number combinations may not be available or even possible.  Contact a Betts representative for assistance.

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