GHR – Genie Heated Regulator



A single-stage heated regulator with robust heat transfer technology!


The Model GHR™ is a single-stage heated pressure regulator designed specifically for use in gas analytical systems. The GHR™ prevents condensation of the sample gas from occurring as a result of Joule-Thomson (JT) cooling during the pressure reduction process of high pressure and high dew point gases or due to low operating or ambient temperature conditions.


The GHR™ is designed with a long, spiral flow path including pre and post regulation heat exchangers that provide efficient heat transfer which preserves sample integrity. The first heat exchanger preheats the gas sample above its dew point temperature; preventing condensation during pressure reduction. The second heat exchanger warms the gas sample after pressure reduction; preventing condensation as the gas enters the sample transport system.


The GHR™ can be heated using either an electrical cartridge heater with proportional temperature controller or a self-limiting block heater. Both have specific benefits and require a direct power connection. The proportional temperature controller allows for precise temperature control using a digital temperature readout and is protected with a backup thermal cutoff. The self-limiting block heater provides a simple and reliable option that prevents temperature overload and is designed to be mounted in small enclosures or densely populated cabinets.


Heater block certificates




  • Presents condensation
  • Preserves sample integrity
  • Reduces regulator freeze-ups
  • Low internal volume assists with faster response time


  • Quick purging, low volume design
  • Piston pressure sensing element
  • Pre and post regulation heat exchangers
  • 20 micron inlet filter
  • Two heating method options:
    › Cartridge heater with proportional temperature controller
    › Self-limiting block heater