Amseal Access Chamber Boots


Product Description

Amlite’s all new range of Amseal Pipe and Duct seals were designed as a quality, cost effective, time saving alternative to many existing chamber seals. In many installations there is considerable time required for installing a series of pipe and cable seals due to the issue of drilling multiple stud holes for each product. The Amseal design eliminates this time issue by offering a single drilled hole for the seal which is simply tightened within the chamber with a single clamping nut. In built o ring seals ensure both the outer wall and inner wall are sealed giving double protection.Within the chamber a suitable end section corresponding to the required pipe or duct size is fitted and securely clamped.

Amseal products are used in numerous applications throughout the civil engineering industry including petrol forecourt chambers, drawpit and inspection chambers and any application where there is a requirement to seal pipes and ducts on entry and exit of chambers.

Used in conjunction with Amlites watertight chambers and composite manhole covers, clients can enjoy the benefits of a fully designed and safe and watertight system for their installations

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