Watertight Drawpit / Inspection Chambers


Product Description

The Amlite watertight access chamber is a secure quick to install chamber system used throughout the Civil Engineering industry. The innovative design allows an easy to maintain and inspect chamber network for such applications as Telecoms, CCTV, Fibre Optic, Utilities supply … and much more

Manufactured from rotationally moulded Polyethylene, the chambers are strong yet lightweight and very simple to drill onsite for installation of pipe and duct seals.

The integral lid is fully sealed and bolted giving outstanding performance preventing outside water ingress to below ground infrastructure projects where a clean environment is crucial for maintenance and inspection. Designed to be used with the Amlite range of bolt down Composite Covers, added security is achieved plus the cover range offers a variety of load ratings to suit almost all applications.

Amseal Pipe and Duct seals are easily fitted to the chambers to further ensure the integrity of the chamber is maintained. This seal system was developed in the Petrol Forecourt industry to ensure ducts, pipes and cables were at all times protected when entering and exiting chambers. Amseal offer a range of sizes to suit most cable and duct runs.