Square Composite Covers and Frames


Product Description

Amlite’s range of Square Composite Covers and Frames have been designed and manufactured to as a viable alternative to traditional steel and cast iron covers.

Manufactured from SMC composite these covers maintain a high strength to weight ratio whilst able to withstand the harshest environments such as extreme temperatures. These covers will not corrode when in contact with common road substances such as sand, salt and fuels.
With zero scrap value are not a target for theft, proving popular with local councils where the issue of replacement costs and safety liabilities are a concern.

The Amlite square covers are bolt down and can be further enhanced with additional security bolts for added protection to the underground infrastructure.

Amlites unique high performance anti slip design ensures a high level of safety for bicycle and motorcycles. Pedestrian areas will also see the benefits of this anti slip, particularly in wet conditions.

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