Midas – Misfuel / Crossover Identification And Avoidance System


What is Midas?

Midas is a system that is fitted to the above or below ground filling points on each bulk fuel storage tank at petrol filling stations. The unit comprises of a valve with intelligent control that can discriminate between petrol and diesel grades of fuel. The purpose of the unit is to stop the wrong product entering the tank and causing a misfuel / crossover.

How does it work?
The device will be calibrated during installation for either Diesel or Petrol products, the system will then instantly read the fuel that’s being delivered and if correct open the valve to allow the filling operation to continue. If an incorrect fuel type is detected the valve will stay closed and the unit will alarm both audibly and visually to alert the driver to the mistake. Why specify it?
The design and development project was initiated following a meeting on a petrol forecourt with oil company engineers, who indicated that misfuel / crossover storage tanks with incorrect fuel was a major issue, both environmentally and financially.

  • Midas protects your business from costly contaminated fuel uplifts and disposals
  • Midas ensures there’s no associated disruption to your forecourt
  • Midas protects your customers from misfuel / crossover their vechicles
  • Midas protects your business from 3rd party damages and claims
  • Midas protects your brand image and reputation

Technical Details
The Midas utilises a low current high torque motor to operate the control valve. The valve offers a complete seal against product entering the unit from the delivery side and likewise for vapour build up from the tank side. This ensures that when the cap is opened there is no excessive release of VOC vapours around the delivery driver position. All communication to and from the Midas is done wirelessly via infra-red communications. The system is fully automated and requires no interaction from the tanker driver except for a prompt to “wake up”. Motion activated key fobs are required to interact with the Midas for functions such as normal operation, override and reset. Override and reset function keys can be kept in store or secured in DCD cabinets in the event of an attempted misfuel / crossover. Any communication with the unit in regards to calibration, parameter changes, data capture and diagnostics is done via a hand held Datatec unit. Due to the low power requirement and mechanical wear the unit requires minimal maintenance. Midas is self powered by an internal battery pack, and power calculations done on a site experiencing two deliveries per day indicate a typical battery life expectancy of 5-7 years.

  • PCB – microprocessor controlled
  • Battery life – 5-7 years
  • Visual warning – LED Lights
  • Audible warning – Piezo electric sounder
  • Fail mode – closed
  • Wireless communication – data capture
  • Key fobs – motion activated
  • Hand held Datatec unit – installers tool


  • ATEX – Europe
  • FM – North America
  • CSA – Canada
  • IECEx – International
  • TR-CU GOST-R – Russia

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