Durapipe – PLX Pipework Systems


Berrys’ comprehensive stocks include the Durapipe PLX Pipework Systems range

Durapipe PLX is a brand name from Durapipe UK. Durapipe UK is the world leader in the development and manufacture of thermoplastic pipe systems and their extensive product portfolio is manufactured to the highest UK and International standards. Berrys Technologies Limited is the leading UK Forecourt distributor of Durapipe PLX fuel systems and supplies into a variety of fuel storage and dispensing markets.

Durapipe PLX Systems

Forecourt Applications

  • Pressure Systems
  • Suction Systems
  • Offset Fill
  • Vents
  • Siphons
  • Stage 1 & 2 vapour recovery
  • Tank Chamber connection
  • Sump & Pump connection

Features And Benefits

Durapipe PLX is a below ground single wall and secondary contained pipework system specifically designed for the safe transfer of liquid fuels and their vapour.

  • Single Wall and Secondary Contained
  • Safe and Durable (30 Year Design Life)
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Maintenance Free
  • Resists Permeation
  • Quick, Clean and Easy Electrofusion Jointing and Installation
  • Matched dedicated range of fittings
  • UV Resistant
  • Full range of accessories and jointing tools
  • Interface to Interstitial Monitoring and Environmental Protection systems, all backed-up by Durapipe UK’s unrivalled technical support.

Product Selector

Durapipe pipe

The product selector is available in pdf format. (393Kb) Open Product Selector To open this you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this it can be downloaded free of charge here.

PLX Pipe

Single Wall:– Used for below ground suction systems and available in straight lengths or coils.

PLX Close-Fit:– Used for below ground sections of the system and available in straight lengths or coils.

PLX Pipe-in-Pipe:– Used for selected above and below ground fuel transfer applications.

PLX pipes are co-extruded with a polyamide liner using the latest extrusion technology , resulting in consistent and technically superior performance.

Size range from 32mm – 160mm

PLX Electrofusion And Spigot Fittings

The PLX system contains a wide range of single wall and secondary containment electrofusion couplers, elbows, tee’s and closures. All secondary containment fittings enable interstitial monitoring and leak detection of the complete system. All PLX electrofusion fittings are manufactured with the highest manufacturing precision that ensures optimum joint integrity.

Size range 32mm – 160mm

PLX Transition Fittings

PLX Transition fittings ensure the safe and continuous flow of fuel from tanks and pumps and includes EF and spigot metal threaded and demountable components. All tested for maximum strength, PLX transition fittings have been innovatively designed and manufactured using the highest quality polymers and a wide range of metals. With the needs of the installer in mind PLX transition fittings are compact and developed to save time and costs during installation..

Size range 32mm – 160mm

Interstitial Monitoring

Electrofusion pipe closures seal the secondary and primary pipes and allow periodic pressure testing of the interstice. On remote or unattended installations leak detection systems can be installed to continuously monitor for accidental losses and system damage. Multi-port manifolds are used to simultaneously monitor a number of fuel lines.

Ancillary Equipment

The integrity of Durapipe PLX fuel systems is assured with careful pipe preparation and electrofusion jointing. Consistent quality is made easier with the Durapipe mechanical pipe preparation tool and safe low-voltage electrofusion control unit (ECU) to synchronise the fusion cycle. Several models of the ECU are available ranging from the 110 voltage supply, manual and barcode units to the portable battery operated Nomad unit. The barcode unit offers the added benefit of retrievable quality control data through the electronic storage feature. The portable Nomad is ideal for small projects that can generally be completed with just one charge of this battery operated control unit.

Market Applications

Forecourt Offset Fill

In order to dramatically reduce tank filling time and to save costs and downtime for the forecourt, the larger bore of polyamide lined PLX fill and vent pipe improves flow and reduces UST fill time. With minimal available gravity head, frictional losses must be considered. Even though operating under gravity head, fill pipe should be considered as a pressure system and installed using PLX Secondary Containment systems.

Offset fill Vent Master

Forecourt Vent

PLX pipe and fittings safely transfer fuel vapour during UST filling. In day-to-day operation the fully operational vents and vapour recovery systems ensure the USTs and associated pipework are pressure balanced and that air and fuel vapour are safely conveyed or recovered. Used for both stage one and stage two vapour recovery the larger bore of PLX vent systems is your safe, environmentally friendly choice for installation.

Tank Chamber Connection

The chamber is central to the forecourt fuel system, it provides inspection access to the tank and protects the fill, suction, pressure (pump), siphon and vent connections. With space at a premium the innovative design of Durapipe PLX EF demountable compact flanges helps to minimise installation time and ensures easy access to the tank.

Chamber Sump

Under Pump Sump

PLX threaded adaptors and compact flanges provide safe and secure connection to pumps, dispensers and tank top fittings. Designed for pressure and suction applications PLX spigot and EF threaded adaptors make perfect under pump connections while the compact demountable flange sets are best used in the confined spaces and restricted access of tank chambers. PLX fully fused secondary contained fittings and extended transitions can help to reduce costs and eliminate the need for under pump sumps.