EROS Easy Riser – Brings Pre-Vac Valve Maintenance Down To Earth


In line with Work at Height Regulations, the EROS Easy Riser demonstrates our continuing commitment to product development


  • Revolutionary and economically easy to install
  • Bayonet type quick release pre-vac valve maintenance time and safety improved
  • Unique design – releases built-up pressure and prevents low level discharge
  • Works in extreme temperatures
  • Lightweight components
  • No seals are broken
  • No retest required
  • One man operation
  • Safe working environment conforming to health and safety regulations

The EROS Easy Riser is a system designed to eliminate working at height. Bulk fuel storage tanks need to breathe during the fuel delivery process. The vent or ‘breather’pipes vent at a high level, typically around the 4-5 metres height. Tank breather vents are fitted either with weather caps or pressure vacuum valves.

Pressure vacuum valves are required on all sites with Stage 1 vapour recovery systems. The pressure vacuum(PV) valve allows a slight build up of pressure vapour in the tank farm and greatly reduces the free flow of volatile organic compounds to atmosphere. Many countries around the world have signed up to this type of system on the basis of environmental pollution control.

These PV valves are a mechanical moving component and as such require regular inspection and servicing to prevent blockages and ensure functionality. The traditional method of inspecting or changing these units would be to use a ladder, scaffold tower or some form of mechanised lifting gear to get an operator to the top of the vent to do this work. Working at height can be extremely dangerous and following the ‘working at height’ legislation that came into effect in 2004 it became clear that an alternative method to inspect the PV valves was needed.

The EROS Easy Riser was designed in direct response to the risks associated with working at height. Instead of sending an operator to the top of the vent pipes the EROS allows the operator to lower the vent pipe to working level. The EROS design is based on a unique swivel system that allows the operator to lower the vent to a ground level working height. The system has a bespoke designed quick release system that allows the engineer to make the disconnect between the weather cap, or pressure vacuum valve, and the vent tube without the need for tools.

When the EROS is lowered to working level it simultaneously closes the vent line from the tank, to prevent any low level vapour discharge. The swivel system maintains seal integrity throughout the swivel operation and has a built in pressure relief valve that protects the tank and below ground pipework in the event that the vent tube is left in the lowered (closed) position for any great length of time.

EROS Easy Riser is installed in over 30 countries around the globe from Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, through to Russia and across western Europe and the Middle East.

The EROS Easy Riser ensures that site operators and service engineers can carry out works in a safe and controlled manner in line with health and safety guidelines. The EROS Easy Riser really does bring vent maintenance ‘down to earth’. EROS is specified as standard equipment by Shell, BP, Total and major UK supermarket groups. It is easy to retro fit to existing vent systems – no cherry pickers, scaffolding or step ladders required. EROS swivels your Vent Riser to working height for easy access to change valves.

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