Model PAF 412-5.0, 20″ Offset Manhole. DOT 412 Pressure Relief Device


Model PAF 412-5.0 is  a 10″ aluminum surge suppression spring loaded re-closing pressure relief device for use as a cargo tank’s primary pressure relief system.  The PAF is mounted to a clamp-ring style manhole.  Designed to be used on DOT412 cargo tanks with a MAWP of 5.0 psig, the PAF 412-5.0 meets the requirements of  49CFR §178.345-10 and  §178.348-4.  Relief vent meets less-than-a-liter surge requirements per §178.345-10(b)(3) and manhole and clamp-ring meet requirements of §178.345-5 with a 36 psig test pressure.  The IVAQ version with a 6234 in-breathing vent installed meets the requirements of CSA B620-09 clause 5.6.11 and clause 5.10.5 for use with TC412 and TC423 applications.

The manhole’s overall height is 3.56″ from the top surface of the manhole collar.

Set Pressure: 6.0 to  6.6 psig
(41.4 to 45.5 kPa)
Rated Air Flow: 263,124 SCFH at 7.5 psig
(7,450 SCMH at 52 kPa)
Liquid Flow Capacity: 1,426 gpm at 7.5 psig
(5,398 lpm at 52 kPa)

Part Numbers:
LPVQ820CXB – 412-5.0 PRV with 6705ALB normal vent. (304 SS cover with nitrile seals)
LPVQ820CXB442 – Adds padlock tabs and welded pins for security.
LPVQ863CXB – Self Latch Model

IVAQ820CXB442 – 412-5.0 PRV with 6234AL in-breathing vent and padlock tab and welded pins for security. (304 SS cover with nitrile seals)

7535ALBN – Relief Vent Assembly PAF 412-5.0

Alternate seals are available as-well-as a steel zinc manhole option.