6″ X 6″ Black Epoxy Coated (with Air Cylinder)


Betts 6” emergency valve meets HM183 requirements for an internal self-closing stop valve.  Body is constructed of aluminum and incorporates a shear section that satisfies 49CFR178.345-8 tested per TTMA RP 84.  The body, disc holder, and bonnet assembly come standard with a black epoxy-coat for added corrosion protection. The valve is available in a flanged or grooved outlet with available body configurations of straight, 90° elbow, or tee style. Valves are supplied with an external air cylinder with 1/8” NPT port for air connection and a fusible plug installed to dump air pressure if temperatures exceed 212°F. ŧ ŧ

The Maximum Operating Pressure is defined as the maximum tank pressure that valve can open against with 90 PSIG tank air pressure.

Maximum Operating Pressure ŧ12 psi [.83 bar]
Valve MAWP: 25 psi [1.7 bar]
Minimum Bursting Pressure: 100 psi [6.9 bar]