Hydraulic Operated 4″ and 6″ Sliding Valve


  • Hydraulically Operated
  • Spring Closed
  • TTMA or ANSI
  • Flange Drilling

The Betts Hydraulically Operated Sliding Valve meets requirements for an external self-closing stop valve.  Valve does not contain a shear section.  The cargo tank must protect the valve by providing suitable protection as specified in 49 CFR 178.345-8.  The standard 316 stainless discs offer premium corrosion resistance and the adjustable packing nut allows for stem adjustments.  The metal-to metal seal provides a positive seal for pressure or vacuum service, but is susceptible to wear and scratches.  Fusible and Frangible Plugs may be installed in the hydraulic system for remote and heat actuated closing.  Betts hydraulic pump part number HP18343 will operate one to three valves.

Use Suffix “008” for valve less actuator.  A heat tube option is available by adding a suffix “J” to end of part number. (Heat tube MAWP = 150 psi)

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