SIGA® Safety Wrenches

SIGA® Safety Wrenches are tools of maximum quality. Slip-safe in their use, work-optimizing and time saving.

Due to a well-balanced range of various wrench sizes and types, you will always have the correct wrench for each and every hand fitting.

SIGA® Safety Wrenches are TÜV-certified and marked with the “certified safety” logo.

Being the EXCLUSIVE distributor for SIGA® Safety Wrenches in Singapore, you can purchase with an ease of mind!


SIGA® security keys are tools of the highest quality. Non-slip in use, work-optimizing
and time-saving.

Thanks to a balanced range of several key sizes and versions, you always have the right safety key at hand for every hand fitting.

TÜV-tested and awarded the “tested safety” mark.

For your individual needs, we offer four SIGA® key types in the following versions: