Remote Fill Box

for DEF/AdBlue®

These stainless steel remote fill boxes house valves, fittings and connectors required for the remote filling of underground or aboveground storage tanks. The remote fill boxes are available in a variety of configurations, connection sizes and mounting styles and can be ordered as pre-plumbed (including valves, fittings, and connectors) or not plumbed.



  • Lockable door.
  • Hand pump with shut-off valve.
  • Inlet connection with quick couplers and dust caps.
  • Internal pre-plumbed check valves, fittings and shut-off valves.
  • Wall or post-mount brackets.
  • Optional vapor recovery bracket.
  • Available with 2″ or 3″ threaded connections.


Order Info

Model Description Height Depth Width
RFBP-TOP 3″ pre-plumbed box, top inlet 25.3″ 25.5″ 20.25″
RFBP-REAR 3″ pre-plumbed box, rear inlet 25.3″ 25.5″ 20.25″
RFBNP-TOP 3″ box only (not plumbed), top inlet 25.3″ 25.5″ 20.25″
RFBNP-REAR 3″ box only (not plumbed), rear inlet 25.3″ 25.5″ 20.25″