Magnetostrictive probe float kits

A variety of inventory control and leak detection float kits for various applications.



2″ & 4″ Float Kit

  • Designed for applications involving 2″, 3″ or 4″ riser pipes.
  • Each float set contains a product and water float.
  • Constructed of nitrile rubber and PVDF. Water floats contain either stainless steel or nickle plated brass ballast. Compatible with a wide variety of petroleum products.
  • Water floats are colored red for gasoline and blue for diesel.

TSP-SSP Chemical Float

  • #316 stainless steel product float with 2-1/16″ OD.
  • Suitable for use in a wide variety of chemical applications, consult factory for chemical compatibility issues.
  • Use one float per TSP-LL2-I probe.
  • Float specific gravity 0.55 to 0.63.
  • Collapse pressure 500 psi/g minimum.

LPG Float

  • Designed for applications involving tank openings of at least 2″.
  • Single float used for monitoring the level of LPG (propane) fuel.
  • Suitable for monitoring pressurized products.
  • For use in USTs or ASTs with TSP-LL2 or TSP-LL2-I probes. TSP-LPG/EU float can be used with locally supplied tank isolation sleeves.


Order Info

Model Description
TSP-IDF2 2″ float set for diesel tanks
TSP-IGF2 2″ float set for gasoline tanks
TSP-IDF4 4″ float set for diesel tanks
TSP-IGF4 4″ float set for gasoline tanks
TSP-LPGF 2″ float for LPG tanks, with or without isolation sleeve
TSP-SSP 2-1/16″ OD, #316 stainless steel float for chemical applications only
  • Note: Order one float set for each LL2 Mag probe.